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CMSimple Legal Notices

CMSimple Link Requirement Licence CMSimple - a Simple Content Management System Copyright © 1999-2008 Peter Andreas Harteg This License is identical with AGPL3 with that exception, that it grants you the right to replace the link to the CMSimple Legal Notices facility with a link to www.cmsimple.org. The link to www.cmsimple.org must be static, visible and readable with a hyperlinked text or an image stating "Powered by CMSimple". This link must be on every generated page (best practice: Place it in the template) except in a print facility. This also applies testing purposes and setup at an intranet or internal network. If you want to remove or hide the CMSimple Legal Notices without replacing it with a "Powered by CMSimple"-link to www.cmsimple.org from your pages, you must purchase CMSimple under a commercial licence at www.cmsimple.com As requried by AGPL 3, if you modify this program, your modified version must prominently offer all users interacting with it an opportunity to receive the source of your modified version by providing access to it from a network server at no charge, through some standard or customary means of facilitating copying of software, as required by AGPL3 section 13. The interface could display a "Source" link that leads users to an archive of the code.

This installation was downloaded from CMSimple.com

Creative Commons License

Llicència Creative Commons: Podeu copiar i distribuir lliurement els continguts d'aquest web, sense modificar-los, sempre i quan en citeu l'origen.

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